Tips For Treating Heel Pain

Tips For Treating Heel Pain

Did you know that your foot and ankle has 26 bones, 33 joints and 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments? With this in mind, it’s no wonder it’s so easy to get aches, heel pain and injuries in your feet. Never mind the fact that your feet are the foundations that keep you upright.

If you’re active – doing a lot of walking, running, exercise or sport you might find that you’re experiencing pain in your heels. In this blog, we’ll share some tips for treating heel pain. Remember to visit your podiatrist every six months for a check up or immediately if the pain you’re experiencing is preventing you from movement.

Common causes of heel pain

Common causes of heel pain include:

  • Fracture. If you’ve fractured your foot, see your podiatrist or doctor immediately for assistance. If your foot is fractured you may feel a grinding feeling in your foot and would have most likely heard a snap when the injury occurred. Swelling and visible deformity is also a sign of a fractured foot. Fractures cause pain that does not go away.
  • Sprain. Strain and sprains often occur when the foot is overused. Your foot will be swollen and may be bruised. Your Achilles tendon may ache too.
  • Plantar fasciitis is caused by poor foot posture during exercise and walking. When too much pressure is placed on your feet it can cause aches across your entire foot and heel.
  • Achilles tendonitis also occurs from overuse. The tendon connecting the calf and heel become inflamed and cause heel pain. Reactive arthritis, osteochondrose, ankylosing spondylitis and bursitis can also cause pain in the heels.

There are also other problems that can cause heel pain. Visit your podiatrist if pain in your heels persists. If you need t walk around, wear good structured shoes.

Tips for treating heel painHeel Pain signage outside Brighton Road Podiatry

  • Rest as much as you can. Put your feet up and if you need to talk around, make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes.
  • Ice your heels throughout the day. At least five times a day.
  • If you need to work through the pain, take some pain killers. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
  • Use insoles to add extra cushioning for the heels. We manufacture custom made orthotic insoles in 24 hours. Keep browsing through our website to learn more about our services or call us on 8298 4166 to make an appointment for a foot scan.