Taking Care of Your Feet For Exercise

Taking Care of Your Feet For Exercise

Taking Care of Your Feet For Exercise

Summer is on the way! With everyone suddenly hustling to get their bodies in shape for summer we thought it would be good to share some tips on how to take care of your feet before, during and after exercise. Here are some suggestions that we think will help when taking care of your feet for exercise.


Make sure you have the right shoes for the exercise you’re doing. Exercise shoes are carefully designed to perform under whatever movement you’re doing. Visit the podiatrists at Brighton Road Podiatry to get advice on the best shoes for your exercise regime or speak with the shop assistant when you’re in-store. Pick a shoe that is durable, supportive, comfortable and that will protect your foot. Avoid picking a shoe based on how it looks.

Warm up and stretch your feet and ankles before exercise. Avoid springing or jumping straight into exercise before properly warming up your muscles and joints.


Go steady or stop. If you experience any pain or discomfort during exercise slow down or stop the exercise. Rest your feet or apply ice if you’re in a lot of pain.

Assess your technique. Incorrect technique can cause discomfort or injury.


Always wash and dry your feet properly after exercise to rid your feet of bacteria. If your feet are aching, try and stay off them so they can rest.  You may also want to ice your feet for any pain or swelling.  If pain persists, Brighton Road Podiatry for a check up. We can check your gait, your stretches and exercises to see if you have poor feet structure. We offer a range of services that will help you protect and improve your foot health.

Get your gym instructor or PT to check your technique, your meet may be unstable or rolling causing aches and pains. If you’re getting shin splints from exercise, you may want to consider orthotic insoles for extra support.

Are you active? Are you experiencing persistent pain in your feet? We can help. Get in touch with Brighton Road Podiatry. Good steps start here. We offer a range of services that will restore your foot health. Call 8298 4166 to make an appointment or browse our services here.