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Conditions We Treat

At Brighton Road Podiatry, you can consult with us about the treatment you need for the following conditions.

Back pain

Some conditions of back pain are related to poor foot posture, gait anomalies and/or limb length differences.  In these cases a biomechanical assessment is required

Bunions (Hallux valgus)

“Protrusion” or “lump” of the 1st joint which may limit movement of the big toe and cause an “aching” pain or stiffness of the joint. You may find it difficult to find shoes that fit comfortably and properly. Occurs as a result of a bony deformity.

Children Podiatry

Feet are for life and we believe it is extremely important to quickly and carefully identify any developmental issues that children may have with their feet. Children may have foot problems without experiencing pain.

We provide advice, assessment, diagnosis and gentle and considerate treatment for gait problems, flat feet, footwear advice, in-toeing, knock knees, shin pain, painful ingrown nails, plantar warts, temporary insoles and prescription orthotics.

Some indicators of developmental foot problems may be “tired” legs, flat feet, feet turning inwards/outwards, bouncy gait and/or toe walking.

Claw toes, Hammer toes, Curly toes

Poor foot posture can cause all of these complaints as well as also causing pain in the balls of the feet and heel pain.  This can result in shin splints and other ailments.


Patch of hard skin with a focal area of pressure. Usually under bony areas and between toes. Feels like a ‘stone’ or ‘pebble’ is stuck in the foot. Removed painlessly within 1 treatment. 


Our Podiatrists have many years of experience caring for patients with Diabetes.   We work closely with your Doctor and other health professionals, and will use our expert skills in neuro- vascular assessment, offloading to redistribute pressure to prevent ulcers and wounds and general care to treat your nails and skin, balance and reduce pressure areas.

Feet and posture

Flat feet, high arches, tired feet, foot cramps, rolling ankles

Fungal infections

Red, itchy, flaky or blistered skin. Discolored, thickened, yellowed and crumbly nails.

Heel Pain / Heel spur

Bruised heel, sore arches.

Ingrown Toenail Surgery

Nail edge growing into the skin causes severe pain, infection, odour, pus and swelling. We can provide many levels of treatment, including surgery.

Hip pain

Some conditions of hip pain are related to poor foot posture, gait anomalies and/or limb length differences.  In these cases a biomechanical assessment is required.

Knee pain

Some conditions of knee pain are related to poor foot posture, gait anomalies and/or limb length differences.  In these cases a biomechanical assessment is required.

Lumps, bumps, lesions

We have many years experience in diagnosing lumps, bumps and lesions. We can use X rays, Ultrasound, and other diagnostic tools to comprehensively investigate any concerns.

Nerve conditions

Burning, numbness, tingling, shooting sensations in your toes, balls of feet and legs,. This can also occur from conditions related to pinched nerves in the back, hips, and/or can occur from diabetes.

We can conduct a neurological test to determine your pain and provide treatment options.


We provide Custom Orthotics (insoles) in Carbon Fibre, Polyprpolene or EVA Foam

Our orthotics are made to support your feet and address specific biomechanical or other foot conditions. Our custom manufacture means we can provide different materials, styles, thicknesses, densities, colours and flexibilities to suit you and your footwear. We use high quality EVA foam that provide structure and support to your foot, and comfort to your joints by being multi-density orthotics.

We also provide Revere and Scholl orthotics footwear – modern and attractive shoes and sandals that perfectly accommodate our Orthotics.

Plantar Fasciitis

Sharp, aching, tired, or shooting discomfort in heels and arches.

Podiatric Pedicure

Thorough removal of dead/hard skin, callous, hyperkeratosis, corns, dry skin. Heel cracks/ fissures treated.

Nails are trimmed and buffed to remove discoloration and smooth the surface. Pharmaceutical compound creams specific to Brighton Road Podiatry Clinic.

Performed to Podiatric medical standards with sterile, autoclaved instruments.

Seniors/ Elderly/ Geriatric care

We understand the difficulties that some older people have in caring for their feet, as well as the importance of good foot health as you get older. We will look after your nails, skin and you!

Shin pain

Shin splints and/or tight muscles are often due to overuse of muscles or an imbalance in muscle and tendon range of motion.

Sporting Injuries

Our Podiatrists treat sport injuries.  We have participated in many different sports, at many different levels. We have experience in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. We know how quickly you want your injuries to be diagnosed and treated to so you get back to competing.

We can treat you for:
•    Ankle Sprain
•    Bio mechanic issues
•    Hip Bursitis
•    Plantar Fasciitis
•    Pulled Hamstrings
•    Shin splints
•    General lower leg strains

We can provide stretching exercises, electro physical modalities, taping and/or radial pressure wave (shockwave) therapy, as well as other appropriate treatments as required.


Examples include Peroneal Tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis

Ulcers/ wounds

An ulcer is a wound that is very slow to heal.

Common in Diabetes, Vascular disease, those on immunosuppressant drugs (corticosteroids, medications for arthritic conditions, chemotherapy, elderly, high pressure areas).

We can assess your circulation with Our Doppler, and use our expertise gained from working within major hospitals. Our goal is ‘wound closure’ and healing.


Viral infection in the skin. Can be painful and is contagious. We can cure the most stubborn warts without the risk of scar tissue developing.

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