The Highest Quality Podiatric Care

We have established the Brighton Road Podiatry Clinic to provide the highest quality podiatric care across most podiatry conditions. We have fresh, clean and modern treatment rooms, equipped with the latest technology. We have assembled a team of podiatrists that have demonstrated experience and success in treating the wide breadth of lower limb and foot problems.

Importantly, we ensure that all of our staff put the patient first. Our Receptionists, administration staff and Podiatrists all understand that they all have a role in making sure that you feel confident, comfortable and satisfied with your experience at Brighton Road Podiatry Clinic.

If we are unable to provide the right treatment to you, we will advise you of other medical providers who are best placed to resolve your problem.

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General Podiatry Care

Smooth and pain-free mobility is something we...

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Sometimes our feet need a little extra support to...

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Children’s Podiatry

Playing, moving and exploring the world is what...

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Cold Laser Therapy

Living with acute foot pain can be a distant...

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Shockwave Therapy

It may sound a little daunting, however, shockwave therapy ...

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Ingrown Toe Nail Surgery

If you’ve ever had an ingrown toenail, you’ll...

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Foot Pain

As podiatrists, we know just how amazing...

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Ankle Pain

It’s certainly hard not to take our ankles for...

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Heel Pain

High quality heel care starts at Brighton...

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Podiatric Pedicures

Visiting Brighton Road Podiatry may not be what springs...

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It may sound rather new-age, however, prolotherapy could...

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Dry Needling

Acupuncture may sound a little too hippy for some...

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KeryFlex is a painless, podiatrist approved cosmetic...

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Onyfix is an innovative toenail correction system...

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Footwear Advice

Your feet are your foundation, carrying the weight...

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