4 Winter Foot Care Tips

4 Winter Foot Care Tips

Proper foot care is important all year round, but especially in winter. With all the warm socks, fluffy slippers and hefty boots it’s easy for our feet to get sweaty and uncomfortable. The drier weather can also cause cracked heals and dry feet. Just because our feet are hidden away, it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve your TLC. So, here are 4 of our winter foot care tips to help you take care of your feet this winter…

Wash Your Feet Everyday

Wash your feet daily (morning and night) with warm water and soap. Make sure you dry them thoroughly before putting a new pair of socks on. It’s recommended not to soak your feet for too long as this can make them dry.

4 Winter Foot Care Tips

Wear Comfortable Boots and Dry Them Out

It’s worth spending money on a quality pair of winter boots that will allow your feet to breathe and have enough space to move. Tight shoes can affect your blood circulation, which can be particularly problematic for people who suffer from diabetes. Boots should feel snug and comfortable, not tight. You should be able to wriggle your toes and feel some space around your ankle.

When you come home at the end of the day, remove your boots and leave them out to dry. This will help cool them down for your next wear and prevent bacteria growth.

Wear Wool or Cotton Socks

Shop for socks that are 100% cotton or wool. These natural materials allow your feet to breathe properly. Socks that aren’t 100% cotton or wool most likely contain plastics that make your feet sweat. Excess sweat can be uncomfortable and also cause fungal infection.

Get Going!

It’s easy to stay in cosy at home over winter. But little to no movement causes a lack of blood flow resulting in swollen feet or ankles. Do basic leg exercises at home, go for a nice winter walk or hit the gym. Gift yourself a relaxing Espom salt foot soak after your exercise. Epsom salt is a natural mineral compound that assists with pain relief and inflammation, should you wish to treat yourself to a foot soak.

Taking care of your feet is important. If you’re suffering from any discomfort in your foot/feet, you can book a consultation with Brighton Road Podiatry here. We’re here to help.