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Shin Pain

Yes, we are all things feet, and in particular our podiatrists are highly trained in treating shin and lower limb conditions too.

Now, we are all encouraged to live active lives with plenty of exercise, but sometimes too much of a good thing can do us damage. Shins may become inflamed and painful due to our exercise choices or pre-existing conditions, such as incorrect foot or leg alignment, pronating or arched feet, or even tight calf muscles.

Get to know your shins

Located between the knee and ankle, your shin is made up of bone (the tibia), muscle and tenoperiosteum (a bony lining that connects muscle into bone). Inflammation or stress in any one of these areas may be to blame for shin pain, and it is our podiatrist’s role to investigate exactly that.

Shin splints

If the shin bone has been subjected to continuous strain, such as running, jumping or high impact activities, can put excessive stress on the tibia and associated anatomy. We can quickly diagnose shin splints based on your symptoms and we can use medical imaging (typically Xray and ultrasound) to confirm diagnosis if required.

We will then recommend a rehabilitation plan to get you back enjoying exercise sooner.

Tips and tricks for happy shins

  • Pace yourself – don’t go too hard when trying a new exercise
  • Ensure you wear quality, supportive footwear
  • Try exercising on softer surfaces, like grass
  • If you start to feel pain during exercise, take a break until you feel 100% again

Need some extra help?

At Brighton Road Podiatry we know each patient is unique, so our podiatrist will tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs and symptoms. Treatment options may include stretching and massage regimes, cold laser or shockwave therapy, correcting malalignment, strapping or even orthotics.

We’ll have you running, jumping and dancing your way around Holdfast Bay in no time. Book a consultation with our expert podiatrists today.

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