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Our Podiatrists have a special interest in caring for patients with Diabetes. As well as working in private practice, they have significant experience working in Adelaide’s major tertiary hospitals where diabetes is a major aspect of podiatry care, including complex ulcer and wound management.

Diabetes is a condition where the body no longer produces or produces insufficient quantities of insulin, resulting in increased sugar (glucose) levels in the blood stream. Your feet are at risk because diabetes can cause damage to the nerves in your feet, affect blood circulation and increase the risk of infection.

Because of this increased risk you should check your feet daily. If you have numbness, redness, blisters, bruising and cuts you should promptly seek podiatry care

Usual foot health issues such as corns, callus, ingrown toenails and cracked skin have the potential to develop into complex, high risk health issues. It is important that if you have these issues and have been diagnosed with diabetes that you seek podiatry care

At Brighton Road Podiatry our podiatrists will use their extensive experience and training to undertake a diabetes foot health assessment. We will discuss and understand your medical history, examine your legs and feet and assess blood circulation, pulse flows and also sensations. Your shoes and shoe fitting will be reviewed and we will also provide information and education regarding preventative foot health strategies

Diabetes is a chronic health condition and patients with Type 2 diabetes can access a GP management plan as part of the Medicare. Patient with a GP management plan receive a significant rebate from the government to offset podiatry fees. For more information contact your GP or discuss with our podiatrist and/or reception staff

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