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Corns and Calluses

Healthy feet give us so much freedom to enjoy our lives, so don’t let them suffer with corns or calluses. Although corns and calluses are unappealing and often painful, they are actually a sign that your body is trying to protect itself from tissue damage.

A few tell-tale signs of corns & calluses include:

  • Thick, waxy or flaky areas of skin

  • A noticeable bump

  • Pain or discomfort when walking or wearing shoes

  • Swelling or redness around the lump



Corns can form as a result of friction or moisture on your skin, such as your toes rubbing against each other. They are smaller than calluses, and can often be found under a callus. Corns typically develop on the tops or sides of your toes, in-between your toes, or on the bottom of your feet.


Weight bearing and undue pressure on your feet from footwear are the main culprits for calluses. They are characterised by a patch of thickened skin, usually on the bottom or sides of your feet.

Brighton Road Podiatry can help

In a few simple steps we will have your corn and calluses sorted. After an assessment of the affected area, our podiatrist will discuss the best course of action for you, such as salicylic acid patches, shoe padding, orthotics or removal.

If removal of the corn or callus is required, our podiatrist will apply a softening agent to the corn and/or callus, before expertly scraping away the hardened skin with a super-fine scalpel. This will quickly lessen any pain and inflammation, while starting the healing process. And, although we enjoy seeing our clients regularly, our podiatrist will give you plenty of advice on how to care for your feet at home and avoid corns and calluses in the future.

Diabetics & foot care

We know that managing foot issues is very important for diabetics, as problems with corns or calluses can result in nasty ulcers and long-term problems. Have a chat with us to receive the best advice and guidance from qualified podiatrists. We’re here to help. 

You may already suspect what’s causing your corns: those stylish high heels, poorly fitting work shoes, or spending all day on your feet. Let Brighton Road Podiatry help eliminate your corns and calluses and help you enjoy walking once more! Call our friendly reception staff to book an appointment today.

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