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Playing, moving and exploring the world is what childhood is all about, so no child should be left behind because of foot pain or incorrect development. At Brighton Road Podiatry, we take a holistic approach to feet care in infants, children and adolescents with a range of therapies designed for little feet.

Depending on the child’s age, different issues can arise. Some feet conditions are visual and easy to diagnose, such as juvenile bunions, ingrown toenails and warts/verrucas. Other conditions, like Sever’s disease, Hypotoniam and Osgood Schlatter’s disease, require expert diagnosis and treatment.

In babies and toddlers

With babies walking from as young as 8 months, ensuring their feet are developing properly is vital. Key indicators of foot problems may include:

  • Curly toes
  • Walking only on their toes or you suspect pigeon toes
  • Only sitting in a ‘W’ position
  • Clumsy and tripping over frequently
  • Knees knocking or legs bowing as they walk

In older children and teenagers

This age group is more likely to be able to pin point their pain, with indicators including:

  • Their shoes wearing unevenly
  • Your child complaining of pain in the heel, ankle, arch or lower leg
  • Pain or soreness when walking or playing sports
  • Noticeably falling behind when racing and running
  • Complaining of knee problems or tiredness

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Don’t dismiss growing pains

Children grow rapidly, especially during the first years of life and then again during puberty. While ‘growing pains’ are often dismissed as being normal, they can actually be a sign of serious damage. To avoid long lasting discomfort, a simple consultation with our podiatrists will determine if the pain needs treatment, orthotics, or will resolve on its own.

We understand that as parents and caregivers you only want the best for your child, so if you have any concerns put your mind at ease at Brighton Road Podiatry.

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