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An Introduction to Brighton Road Podiatry

Get to know Delores, the owner and senior podiatrist at Brighton Road Podiatry, her podiatric experience, education and her approach to patient care.

Why did you become a Podiatrist?

Senior Podiatrist, and owner of Brighton Road Podiatry Delores Pilkington sits down to chat about her background and why she became a podiatrist.

How did Brighton Road Podiatry begin?

Find out how Brighton Road Podiatry began as well as our history in providing podiatry services.

What does a Podiatrist do?

At Brighton Road Podiatry, we aim to get you back on your feet and moving again because your feet allow us to do what we want to do. Learn in detail about the steps a podiatrist must take in order to help your feet get back to full health.

Brighton Road Podiatry Treatments/Services

Learn more about the treatments and services provided at Brighton Road Podiatry. Using the latest in podiatric technology and best practice, we understand your need for tailored treatments from a welcoming and trusted professional.

Why choose Brighton Road Podiatry?

Our highly skilled team of podiatrists are committed to providing results-based treatments for a wide range of feet and lower leg conditions. Learn as to why Brighton Road Podiatry is a leading Adelaide based podiatrist and why they stand out from other podiatrists.

How to make an appointment at Brighton Road Podiatry

Want to book in with Brighton Road Podiatry? Watch this video to find out how to simply book an appointment with us.