Sports Injuries

We are so fortunate to enjoy a plethora of sports in Holdfast Bay. It’s the quintessential Australian lifestyle to spend a weekend playing for fun in a community sporting team or getting downright serious in a competitive league. So when injury to your foot or ankle occurs during training or a game, we know how keen you are to get back on your feet.

Most sports have an element of repetitive movement, such as running, jumping, pivoting or kicking. Add to this the hard surface of the sporting courts, and a little bit of ‘friendly’ jostling with the competition, and you have a pretty good recipe for injury. What can start as a tendon micro-tear or small inflammation of the muscles or ligaments, can turn into a painful and serious problem.

Common Foot Conditions

As a first defence against these conditions, make sure you spend a few minutes warming up prior to sport, and cooling down afterwards. Then chat with our experienced Brighton Road Podiatry podiatrist if you experience any pain or injury.

Children’s Sports

Unfortunately, children and teenagers aren’t exempt from sporting injuries. You just have to watch a match of junior soccer or netball to see the stress young feet and ankles are put under. We regularly see young patients who have suffered injury or inflammation due to undiagnosed foot biomechanical problems, so a routine check-up is recommended before starting sport to ensure your child’s feet and footwear are in optimal condition. We want the youth of Holdfast Bay to enjoy sport to its fullest, so when injury or pain occur, give us a call.

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Podiatry Care for Sports Injuries

In the first case of injury or pain, ensure you rest up and make an appointment with us. Our experienced podiatry team will then assess and diagnose the injury, including an assessment of your foot’s biomechanics, before formulating a rehabilitation plan. Common treatments include:

Brighton Road Podiatry Sports Injuries
  • Strengthening and stretching exercises
  • Advice on strapping and quality footwear
  • Cold laser therapy
  • Orthotics
  • Shockwave therapy (not for children)

It is important not to put up with niggling pain and inflammation – the longer you wait, the worse an injury will get and can be harder to fix. Together, we will get you back playing the sport you love in no time.

Treat your Feet

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